Timeshare Scams

2 Types Of Scams To Know About.

The first scam you were involved in happened at the time of your purchase, at the resort during the "timeshare presentation".

If you have tried to resale your timeshare, most likely, you have seen the second scam.

Please, take the time and get the truth about timeshares. Do not make a 2nd, 3rd or 4th mistake with your timeshare. This site will give you the knowledge you wish you had before going on vacation.

Cancel Timeshare

Cancel Your Ownership.
Cancel Your Mortgage.

This Timeshare Cancellation Service option will guarantee you to get out of your timeshare within 12 months OR your money back.

100% Money Back Guarantee if your timeshare is not cancelled in 12 months or less, even if you have a timeshare mortgage!

To qualify for this service, your resort must have committed fraud and/or mislead you, which is usually the case, but not always.


Donate Timeshare

Help People And Save Money.

This option is for owners who wish only to get rid of their timeshare and not interested in getting any refund amount or money back from the resort.

This is 100% Guaranteed get rid of your timeshare or your service fee comes back to you. You can also save lots of money on your taxes, which could be a huge benefit for you.

To qualify for this option, you must not owe any money to the resort or have a timeshare mortgage.

Welcome to TimeshareScam.org !

Education.   Truth.   And A Path To Freedom.

There is a good reason this website has been created. This website is about educating you on the two types of timeshare scams that have plagued unsuspecting vacationers and unhappy timeshare owners. No one thinks the luxury resort you stay at while on vacation will be staffed by sales people who commit fraud and mislead you into buying a timeshare. No one thinks the nice representative of a resale company will just completely lie to you on the phone, but after you give them money, they disappear into thin air. Every timeshare owner thinks their resort is worth the money they paid for it, but it's not.

The purpose of this website is to give you the complete, honest truth. To let you know How, Why and What went wrong with your timeshare.

It’s disturbing to tell this information to timeshare owners because they do not get it. They don’t understand the facts about timeshares. Some people are happy or love their timeshare; they even own two of them. Some people are not happy. Some people are extremely mad, pissed and in financial trouble because of their timeshare.Fell For Timeshare Scam

Why is it disturbing? Because people do not understand the value of their timeshare ownership or they are unwilling to realize they made a mistake. And it’s amazing to watch owners make mistake after mistake concerning their timeshare ownership and how they are managing their choices.

It’s completely understandable how these mistakes and/or poor choices have happened and why they occur. Namely for two reasons: 1) “greed” on our parties involved, including the owner 2) the lack of clear understanding (ie. the fine print).

The goal of this information is to offer plain and simple explanations about the timeshare resort scam and the resale scam. You will see how and why to end your timeshare ownership. Throughout the explanation, TimeshareScam will offer tips, pros and cons that should give meaning to each part of the process.

Lets start at the beginning, the family vacation or your trip to some awesome resort location.

However you got to your resort location, you can bet the lure to a timeshare presentation was everywhere. The exchange for 90 minutes of your time for fabulous discounts or free things, such as rounds of golf, excursion, or other trips, sounds like a no-brainer! You name it; the resort will pay for it, as long as you come to the 90-minute presentation.

Please call us for more information or check back on our site once the new site is completed.

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